Homes for the Brave

Providing hope for our military veterans


Provide Housing

Passageways Living Center provides temporary housing while giving our Heroes the opportunity to overcome the issues that brought them to homelessness.


Passageways, according to Christian principles, provides health, safety, physical, and spiritual support services to anyone in need and assists individuals in becoming independent, dignified and productive members of society.

Supportive Services

Through a concentrated effort of collaboration, Passageways works with other local veteran agencies to provide a holistic approach to strengthening and healing each Hero.

Military Veteran Support

We need your help!
On any given night, there are more than 49,000 homeless Heroes sleeping on park benches, under bridges, or in their vehicles.  Now more than ever we need your help to give a hand-up to these Heroes and give them a safe and FREE place to call home while they overcome the demons of a hard life.

passageways team painting a garage

It Takes A Spark

Just as a flame takes one spark to get started, Passageways just needs YOU to get the flame burning.  One person can make a difference and that one person is YOU.  From volunteering to being a financial supporter, YOU are important.  There are many ways for YOU to help.  Please click here to see a list of volunteer opportunities and/or to sign up.

passageways team with veteran

Keep The Flame Burning

We have never received or applied for financial assistance from the government.  We specifically chose this route because we do not want to be involved in the red tape of bureaucratic control.    So, we rely solely on private donations from people like YOU. We have heard it many times from many different Heroes, “I would not be here today if it weren’t for Passageways.”  So, YOU make a huge difference in the lives of the Heroes served at Passageways.

Passageways is a blessing.

MikePassageways Graduate

I am thankful for Passageways. If I hadn't found them I would be buried in a box.

TonyPassageways Graduate

When I drove up to the house, I thought I must have written down the address incorrectly. Its a house, a real house. I feel at peace here.

EddiePassageways Hero

My life, my soul, have been changed through this place.

LenPassageways Hero