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We have been working on a very exciting project at Passageways!

Falanne House will provide many of the same services as the Living Center but focus on female veterans (Heroes). This planned project will house up to six female veterans at a time and will have a dedicated case manager.  The need for a place for female Heroes who are or are about to become homeless is a priority mission for Passageways, Ltd.  Women Veterans, women of color, and those with low incomes experience these struggles even more acutely and may experience “reentry anxiety” – uncertainty about the future and going back to work, and how it will continue to affect their daily lives, finances, and health.
In Kansas, there are no programs specifically designed to address the needs of female Heroes who have experienced homelessness or are living in unsafe or less-than-desirable conditions for habitation.  We want to meet that need through the development of Falanne House.

Female veterans, often the primary caregivers, devote most of their time to looking after others, often at the expense of their basic needs. They consistently prioritize everyone else. In some cases, they resort to living in unsafe conditions to make ends meet, putting their own lives at risk in the process.

More than 2 million women veterans live in the US today, making up the fastest-growing group in the veteran population. It isn’t hard to believe that they are also the fastest-growing group in the homeless veteran population. It is anticipated that by 2040, women will make up 18% of the total US veteran population.
(Source: facts-and-statistics.asp)

Many factors may increase the risk of homelessness among women veterans, including unemployment, disability, PTSD, sexual assault or harassment during military services, anxiety disorder, poor health status, and old age. Female veterans are three to four times more likely to become homeless when compared to non-veteran women. In FY 2022, more than 199,000 homeless women Veterans were served by the VHA homeless programs. More than half of these women report they experienced military sexual trauma (MST) while serving.

Join us in this crucial mission to support our female veterans by donating today.  Your gift, no matter what size, will play a significant role in securing and keeping a safe perimeter for these deserving individuals.  Take action now and be a part of this impactful cause.

Make The Falanne House A Reality!