We have been working on a very exciting project at Passageways!

Homefront Veteran Neighborhood, this is a hybrid of services designed to promote group interaction and healing by providing a gated neighborhood of cottage homes for Heroes. This new concept is being created to bring about a sense of camaraderie that many Heroes lack when they leave military service.

Homefront Veteran Neighborhood will provide individual cottage homes for male, female and veterans with families. This will further fill in the gaps of currently available services to our homeless veterans. Presently, there is no place for female Heroes to obtain services once they become homeless. The same is true for veterans with families. As a result, many families are split apart in different shelters, unable to heal as a family due to the separation.

Homefront Veteran Neighborhood is a unique neighborhood of cottage homes for our homeless and near homeless veterans (Heroes). Slated to open in late 2020, HVN will have 30 fully furnished cottage homes to provide temporary to permanent housing for homeless males, females and veteran Heroes with families.

Homefront Veteran Neighborhood (HVN) is for US military veterans who are or about to be homeless. This neighborhood will be for male, female and veterans with families. We project with the first 30 cottage homes we will be able to provide housing and supportive services for about 95 people. However, with 56 acres, we can accommodate over 100 cottage homes so the total number who potentially can benefit from this program is approximately 360 homeless or near homeless veterans. This population will also include US military veterans who are currently living in substandard housing.

HVN will provide this housing free of cost until each person completes the program designed for them at admission to the neighborhood. This program will consist of personal goals, training modules, psycho-social assessments and a spiritual component. As the Hero works through the program, they will be monitored by our case management team. Upon completing the program, the Hero will have the choice of staying in the cottage home or moving out into the community at large.

Our goal is to meet the holistic needs of everyone who wants to call HVN home and to assist them with overcoming the issues that brought them to homelessness.

The needs of our Heroes are foremost in our desire to overcome the negative effects of this pandemic. Homefront Veteran Neighborhood is designed to bring needed services to the Hero instead of the Hero being required to go without or go to the closest Department of Veterans Affairs facility for services. At Homefront, we will work with area providers to have adequate and appropriate spaces for individual and group therapy sessions. They will be invited to have either a permanent space or a shared space within the public use areas, such as our Resource Center. The Resource Center will be the hub of this development and will house office space, computer labs, library, meeting rooms and an intake center.

Many of our Heroes have told us they do not want to interact with the Department of Veterans Affairs. They have either had a prior bad experience or it is simply too overwhelming for them. We do work with our Heroes to overcome those issues and provide assistance to help them navigate the system. However, by having the providers of services come to the Heroes home turf, barriers to needed care will be eliminated.

Help Make Homefront Veteran Neighborhood a Reality!

We are currently in the planning phases of this next chapter and are working on finalizing the details.  Below is a list of what is needed from our community. You can make the Homefront Veteran Neighborhood a reality!

  • Financial support – Your dollars make a difference
  • Spiritual support – Your prayers help bring our programs into reality
  • Volunteer support – You can help spread our story; organize group volunteering; and help us network with others
  • Community support – Help connect to the companies that can make this a reality by supporting us financially;  or, by providing materials when we are ready to build; or by providing volunteers to actually help us build the neighborhood.

Community Partners

We are looking to collaborate with individuals and companies to make this next phase become a reality. If you are interested in assisting homeless military heroes, give us a call or send us a message below.

With your continued support, we will bring healing and hope to more heroes, male, female and families. Help us provide a hand up for the heroes we serve.

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