Passageways has developed an outreach program to help foster the needs of Heroes within our community and the surrounding counties covered by veteran organizations.  This program is widespread and available to any Hero struggling to provide themselves or their family with food, cleaning, or hygiene supplies or furnishings.

We have an Outreach Center at Towne West Square that our own Hereos currently residing in our Living Center, as well as Heroes in our community, have access to essential items they need to survive as well as make their house a home.

Through community donations, the Outreach Center houses nearly new furniture; a storage area with household products (mostly new) like sheets and towels, toasters, microwaves, utensils dishes, etc.; as well as new cleaning supplies, hygiene, socks, underwear, t-shirts, pillows, and the all-important coffee! Everything is given to our Heroes free of charge.

If you are interested in giving a gift of new or gently used items for the men and women who have given so much for our country, please visit the Helpful Items page. This page includes items we desperately need, as well as drop-off locations and times. Please consider that the donation you provide for our Heroes should represent your thanks to them for serving out country!

Thank you for your care and support for our Heroes and those Heroes who we serve in partnership with other agencies.

Become a Member of the Outreach Team

The Outreach Center (OC )is a vital part of our mission to provide Hope to our Heroes. #fromhomelesstohopeful The OC was established in 2021, and we are still evaluating how to efficiently carry out this critical part of our mission. One thing we know is that we can not do it without the help of our volunteers. We currently have 4 Teams that help make the OC run.

If you are interested in serving at our OC, please take a minute to share your interests. We’ll add you to the list of the group(s) you indicate and share when we need your team’s help!

Join our mission to serve the Veterans in our community!

Choose 1 or more of the Volunteer OC Teams below if you are interested in serving!