Our Team

Passageways was formed in the hearts of Jennifer and Susan, our Founders, in 2014 with a vision to impact the lives of homeless Heroes (military veterans) who were living on the streets.  At that time there was nothing available in Wichita, KS, so the team went to work on finding a way to fill this gap in services.  From idea to reality, Passageways was created within a few months.

Susan Moellinger and Jennifer Garrison are Co-Founders of Passageways Ltd. Both coming from a family of military backgrounds understands what each veteran face as they return to home soil. Moellinger and Garrison also have non-profit backgrounds giving them the understanding and compassion for the clients they serve. Their experience in the non-profit sector allows them the ability to foster the administration of working with the Board of Directors, finance, development, programming and planning the scope and sequence of the future for Passageways. Identifying, cultivating, soliciting and appreciating donors is only one key in the success of Passageways. Both Moellinger and Garrison understand volunteers and community partners must be part of the fold toward the success of the organization and most importantly the Heroes they serve. Moellinger and Garrison are supported by part time staff Sean Garrison, dedicated Board Members and committed volunteers who promote the success of the Heroes each day of the week.

susan moellinger

Susan Moellinger


Specialized Talents:

  • Launching the Campaign
  • The Narrator of the Untold Stories
  • Master Brainstormer
  • Angel in the Battlefield

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jennifer moellinger garrison

Jennifer Garrison


Specialized Talents:

  • Master Organizer
  • Researching Everything
  • Getting it Done
  • Angel in the Battlefield

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Sean Garrison

Director of Operations

Specialized Talents:

  • Fixer of the Things
  • Filling in the Gaps
  • Angel in the Battlefield

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Board of Directors
  • Willie Tucker, Chair
  • Marla Urban, Vice-Chair
  • Julie Sanders, Secretary
  • Pam Murphy, Treasurer
  • Honorable Ben Burgess
  • Bryan Frye (not pictured)
  • Nathan Svoboda (not pictured)
Troy Evans, Honorary Board Member

Our Hero, retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant, Troy Evans served on the Passageways Board from 2017 to 2022. Sadly, our beloved Troy passed away in March 2022. He was passionate about serving others, making amazing food, and supporting Veterans.

“People first.” “Let’s get ‘er done” “Whatever you need“…. These are just a few quotes heard by those who were fortunate enough to call Troy Evans their friend. He was often the first to fill a need, volunteer his time and talents, and encourage others to do likewise. He commanded the room from behind the scenes, often not wanting credit. He lived a life of service and gave so much of himself and his heart. We truly miss our friend.

We imagine when Troy walked through those pearly gates, he was met with the warm and welcoming words, “Well done, good and faithful servant…well done.”